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Golden Cap, West Dorset

SMP2 (Review) -Durlston Head (Dorset) to Rame Head (Cornwall)


Progress to 1 September 2006

  • Defra coast protection grant has now been awarded and Environment Agency  (EA) South West Region NRG approval received, such that the project is effectively receiving 100% Exchequer Grant.  The project is included on the Defra and EA forward capital programmes, with an indicated programme start of September 2006 (completion target August 2008).
  • The proposed studies involve the first review of the Shoreline Management Plans [SMPs] covering the area between the geographic features of Durlston Head and Rame Head. The project is to be undertaken by Teignbridge District Council (who the coastal group have resolved will be the lead authority for the project), representing the following operating authorities:-
  • Purbeck District Council
  • West Dorset District Council
  • Weymouth and Portland Borough Council
  • East Devon District Council
  • Teignbridge District Council
  • Torbay Council
  • South Hams District Council
  • Plymouth City Council
  • Caradon District Council
  • Environment Agency South West Region
  • Also (although they are not an operating authority) Network Rail, who have coastal maintenance responsibilities in parts of South Devon
  • The first generation SMP for sub cells 6a, 6b & 6c, from Portland Bill to Rame Head, was completed in June 1998 and the SMP for sub cell 5g, from Portland Bill to Durlston Head, was completed in October 1998.
  • In accordance with Defra guidelines, the two SMPs are now due for their first review. Since the completion of the SMPs, some strategy studies have been undertaken and the regional coastal authorities are also to embark upon a grant aided Strategic Regional Coastal Monitoring Programme for the South West.
  • The coastal group partners’ representatives have agreed that the two current SMPs, mentioned above and which extend from Durlston Head (in Purbeck DC) to Rame Head (in Caradon DC), a distance of approximately 308 km, should be reviewed collectively, in order to rationalise the management policies and provide synergy within the coastal group.

Extent of SMP2 Review

  • The location of estuarial boundaries between the SMPs and CFMPs has been discussed and a way forward agreed between operating authorities, taking into account the guidance from the Future coast study, Defra’s Procedural Guidance on SMPs and the EA’s CFMP Guidance.
  • The Review of the SMPs commenced in September 2006. The completion date is August 2008 and, hence, the Defra High Level Target (HLT) 3 for SMP Reviews in England (target completion date March 2010), should be achieved.
Durlston Head (Dorset) to Rame Head (Cornwall)
  • The proposed procurement and management plan, is for officers of the lead authority, Teignbridge DC, to project manage the Review (with the support services of a management consultant), seek and receive the Defra grant budget and appoint consultants/contractors, as required. The EA client project manager to liase at all times.
  • No preliminary studies have been carried out in the lead up to this review, as the group has been awaiting the outcomes of the SMP2 pilot studies for a steer.  A substantial amount of work has, therefore, to be carried out with regard to data gathering and scoping studies before a brief can be drawn up for the procurement of a main consultant.
  • The main SMP2 Review consultant will be procured through public advertisement and tender.  Appointment is expected to be through the ICE Professional Services Contract.